The Start-up PM_TEN (Physical Methods and Technologies for Environmental Needs) has been developed as part of the Spin-Off project of the University of Genoa.  PM_TEN  was established in 2012 and offers a connection between the world of academic research and the business market, from one side  proposing applications of results of research, in particular the activity developed in the Environmental Physics Laboratory; and from the other side, being itself a driving force for new progresses  of the methods developed in the academic context.

The main activities of the Company are related to weather and marine forecast,  dispersion of pollutants in fluids,  characterization of air pollution sources, study of eolic potential, determination of different types of pollutants (dust, radioactive isotopes, noise, non-ionizing radiation) and of their sources in environmental matrices, compositional analysis of materials including non-destructive techniques.
PM_TEN srl is now an independent SME, no more connected with the University of Genova even if collaborations are still on-going 

PM_TEN srl is a member of TICASS consortium, legal subject officially recognized as managing body of "Energy-Environment" Regional Innovation Hub in Liguria Region.